Shopping Carts

Have you ever been in a super store full of people with their shopping carts everywhere. It can be very chaotic at times especially when people have different driving abilities and manners.

Now I don’t think we need licenses to operate shopping carts in stores, but it would be nice if there was an etiquette code established.

Here is a list of what I think should be shopping cart violations:

1. Flying through the store with a cart like it was a derby course.

2. Leaving a cart in front of a section where someone is waiting to see a product.

3. Block parking – when two carts are parked on opposite sides of the aisle in a way that prevents others from passing.

4. Leaving a cart next to parked cars instead of putting it with the other carts when finished using it.

Do you have any things that you think should be violations?

What if shopping carts had blinkers, would it make things better or worse? Would we even dare add a small horn? I don’t think so, it would be abused by every little kid that could find the button. And believe me, they will find the button.

We could create a special cart and call it “icart”. This would be a robotic shopping cart that would not need to be pushed at all, it would simply follow you everywhere you go in the store.

When left outside after loading your groceries, it would find its way back to the store entrance and park itself with the other carts.

What ideas do you have that you would like to see icart do?