Have you ever wondered what the proper angle of your laptop screen should be?

Most of them can go from 0 to 180 degrees.  Of course you would not try to view it at these extremes, but what is the proper adjustment?

Have you also noticed that the screen colors and brightness change as you move the screen up and down?

Imagine if you were doing web design and you thought you had a wonderful color picked out, only to get a phone call from your friend asking you why you chose those horrible shades of color.

Improper screen alignment can also cause you to have a hard time seeing or miss that popular gray print websites are using.

So how do you adjust your monitor?

The answer to this question is simple:


1.  Before you turn your laptop on, look at the black screen.  If you already have it on, simply visit a website that uses dark colors.

2.  Now look at your pretty face being reflected from the screen.  (works better on glossy screens and also more pleasing if you really have a pretty face)

3.  Move the screen until you see the reflection of your eyes in the middle.


Now your screen is perfectly aligned with your line of sight.  Simple!!

If you need a harder way to do this, I would be glad to invent a product that you can attach to your monitor and sell it to you.  :)


Did this help you see your screen better?

Did you just realize that you have something on your face left over from lunch that your coworkers did not tell you about?

Would like to hear your comments below.