Copier SunglassesIf you have ever worked in an office, at one point in your career you will have to make a trip to the copier.  Some people spend so much time at the copier that their job title should be a “Copier Manager” or a “Copier Attendant”.

Copying is really not a hard job.  It is not like you are digging a ditch outside in the cold or your crunching numbers at a computer screen all day.  Some people even look forward to the time when they get to go make copies.

The feeder tray is a great way to copy; just put your stack of papers in the tray and push the copy button.  It does all the hard work for you.  It sucks in each sheet from your stack and spits out a nice copy or two while you wait.  You might even have some time to fix that cup of coffee you have been wanting all day, and watch other people work while you sip on that cup of java.

Like all jobs, there is the other side of the coin.  You will have those days when you dread going to the copier.  It will be those times when you have to copy every page of a document that has to stay stapled.  And don’t forget those books you have to copy from.  Now we all know that you can’t just shove those down the feeder tray.  No, you will have to lift that huge copier lid up and down for a 100 times.  On a bad day you can just skip going to the gym, because you already had your workout for the day.  Why is it so heavy?  The answer, is that it contains the motor and all the other parts needed to suck your papers from the feeder tray.  You know, on the good copier day.

The solution to all this lifting is simply don’t lift at all.  Just leave that copier lid wide open. (Disclaimer: You should always keep the lid down as it was designed for safety and proper use)  Then all you have to do is just turn the pages and keep placing them on the glass.  Of course now you have these bright flashes of light filling the room all around you as if you were in some mad science lab.  And according to an ophthalmologist, (eye doctor) you can damage your eyes over a period of time by looking at the pretty bright light.  I know it gives you a warm feeling, but that light can also cause skin rashes on some people.

So how can you copy with the lid open?  You could just turn your back each time a copy was made, but all this turning could make you dizzy, and it creates more work, which is what you were trying to avoid in the first place.

The best solution is to use copier sunglasses.  With this protective eye-wear you can copy all day with the lid open, and look stylish too.  And when people ask you where you got your “George Hamilton” tan, you can say, “At work, in my office”.  That is, if you are not one of the people that gets a rash from copier light.

What is your best solution for this lid lifting problem?

If you go for the shades, what style would you choose?

Have you ever had a copier rash?