After surviving another very early, early, early Black Friday; I decided to list some things that are essential to your survival if you should ever attempt to do this in the future.

# 1     Tent

TentYou see the item that you have always wanted listed at a price that is five times lower than it should be, but you have to read the small print at the bottom of the ad.  It says there are only ten available.  In order to guarantee that you get one of the only ten that are in the store, you must get in line early.  I mean days early.  To do this you will have to set up your tent outside the front door of the store you are targeting.  Just make sure that you are close enough not to block the entrance, but close enough to prevent those one man tents from butting in front of you.  And make sure you take your last potty brake before the store closes for the night.

# 2     Running Shoes

Running ShoesAfter hours and hours of walking, you will be glad that you wore these instead of your fancy high heels.  (Don’t even think about dressing up, remember you are getting up at 3:00 in the morning or earlier.)  People will think you are wearing these for comfort, but the real secret is that these will enable you to make that mad dash to the last item before that other woman with the high heels.  These could also save your life; if you are too slow you could get trampled to death.

# 3     Coffee

CoffeeAfter your body realizes that you are up way earlier than you are supposed to be, you will need this black, liquid energy boost to get you through the rest of the day.  It can not be just any regular cup of coffee either; it has to be a gourmet brand that costs more than you would normally spend.  After all, you are saving so much money on Black Friday you can splurge just a little bit.  If you get it with an extra shot of caffeine, you might even be able to skip breakfast and get to more of those great sales.

# 4     Extra Credit Card

Credit CardYou need to take an extra credit card.  This serves many purposes, one being that it will come in handy if the magnetic strip on your other one gets worn off by the constant swiping.  It also helps if you have maxed out your other one to its $50,000 limit.  Another benefit is that if the other credit card company freezes your card, thinking it was stolen, then you can keep on shopping without missing a beat.  Think of all the sales you would miss if you were on the phone for an hour talking to an out source in India.

# 5     Aspirin

AspirinAfter days of sleeping out in the cold and waking up early in a tent.  When your feet are hurting so bad that yo can not feel your toes anymore.  When your body realizes that you tricked it with caffeine and sugar.  And when your brain realizes that although you are saving tons of money, you do not have a job good enough to pay back $50,000 plus the other credit card you maxed out.  You will need aspirin or your favorite medical pain relief pills.

Do you have some items that need to be added to this list?

Do you have an interesting tale about your Black Friday survival?