Birthday SpitYesterday we celebrated my daughter’s birthday.  It got me to thinking about all those cakes out there that get spit on them when the candles are blown out.

Have you ever noticed that the birthday boy or girl leans back and with a deep breath blows germs all over the cake you are about to distribute to your unsuspecting guests?  That is why it is best to be up close so you can judge the amount of spit flying on the cake.  You can also see how clean the person is in appearance.  If they pick their nose while waiting to blow the candles out, then definitely do not eat the cake!

I have some ideas on how to prevent this germ-spreading, and give everyone peace of mind when eating their cake.  I will try to add some drawings to this post later, so check back soon.

What are your ideas on how to prevent this?

Or are you on the full opposite spectrum of OCD (Obsessive–compulsive disorder)?

Maybe you don’t care, because it is your birthday and it is your spit! ;)

(That is not my daughter in the photo, but she does belong to someone.)